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Hello, World

Posted on January 21, 2018 by

Whoa. Hi. It’s been awhile. Three and a half years awhile. I missed you.
So much has happened since we last talked! I looked back at some of those last posts, written in mid-2014. That feels like a million years ago. Sean and I had just gotten married. We had just moved to Sonoma County. I was still in the honeymoon phase of my new job at Sonoma State University.
Now, here it is, the beginning of 2018. We are still married. We still live in Sonoma County. In fact, we bought a house! Part of my drive to rev this little blog back up again is, in fact, to document our adventures with said house.
I’m still working at Sonoma State, but WOW have things changed there. I won’t talk too much about my job here, because I do that somewhere else, but I do feel a little bit of cognitive dissonance thinking about what it was like in the library in mid-2014.
I stopped writing so much because I never felt like I had the time. Life has felt so busy, sometimes exhausting, and I stopped prioritizing writing. And I have not felt good about it. I finally realized in the last few months that not writing isn’t good for me. I don’t know if anyone ever reads what’s here, and I also realized that that doesn’t really matter. I need to write.
So yes, January is resolution time, and resolutions are notorious for being broken. But I’m resolving nonetheless. I want writing to be part of my life again. So, I’m back. And I hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future.

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