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Hi, I’m Laura Krier. I’m a librarian and a writer living in Sonoma County with my husband. We bought a big ol’ house a few years ago, and I decided to come back to this blog after a three-year hiatus to document our DIY home remodeling/redecorating/renovating adventures. I will probably also occasionally write about travel, family, crafting, cooking, work, and other general life stuff.

I’ve been blogging for 15 years, back before we even called them blogs. I started writing more specifically about food when I started The Kitchen Illiterate in 2007. I used that space to write about learning how to cook things that didn’t come out of boxes with cheese powder packets in them. I started because I wanted a space to share the fun parts of my life that happen outside of the kitchen as well as in.

Have a question? You can email me anytime at, or leave a comment. I love comments. I’m also on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you want to get updates whenever I post something new, you can subscribe via email or using your favorite RSS reader. Thanks for stopping by.

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